Working Out At Home – Better Than The Gym

Many a fitness freak will have often dreamed about having a home gym. There is something about being alone at home that makes working a lot less of a hassle and more of a useful event. If you have often wondered if it is really worth investing in a home gym then let this article remind you why it is a great idea.

No Lines

One of the hardest things to come into terms with at any fitness club or serious gym is the equipment lines. Strength trainers will often find the bench stations literally having a queue particularly with the newbie trainers. Squat racks, often used for exercises it was not designed for, will be quite irritating to the serious fitness enthusiast.

No Membership Dues

Those queues will remind you, in a negative way, about your membership dues. Gym is not getting cheap with some mainstream gym memberships starting at around $40 per month. Yearly dues are becoming more and more common nowadays. Paying upfront is really a big investment for some people and could wreck their credit planning. This is even before the associated purchases you need to fit in the gym you are on.

Work out With Clothes You Find Comfortable

Which brings us to the clothes you wear: The most comfortable workout clothes are not usually the clothes you’d like to be seen in public with. Used shirts decades old and pants or shorts that have taken the shape of your body will often have holes and will look hideous. But like it or not, they are the ones most comfortable to sweat on. Light, cool and needing no care, these fabrics are the ideal stuff to wear during exercising. Unfortunately, people will look at you weird for wearing these things to your local carpeted, brightly lit commercial gym.

Music You Actually Like

Successful body transformations are done by people who are hardcore. People who can pour out all their might during those few moments that man and iron come together. Instrumental to setting this mood is music. And nobody went from 90 pound weakling to 200 pound strong guy listening to Justin Bieber that is for sure. Although this can be circumvented by wearing an iPod, it still does not work you up as much as your loud music at home.

No Germs

Public gyms are probably one of the most microbe-full places you can go to. Sweat, skin shavings, saliva and other nasty things for sure stick to the surfaces of the machines. Multiply these by a hundred or even tens of thousands of instances during your stint at the gym, then you will realize how at risk you are there. At home wiping your gear with a clean cloth sprayed with a dash of Lysol is all you really need to ensure a germ free workout session.

More Concentration

Only a few people have the concentration level of an advanced bodybuilder. Thousands of articles have been written on encouraging focus on public gyms. However, it can be a futile attempt, to drown out our senses and focus inside. The most practical way is to either workout during the weirdest hours at a public gym (often the route pro-bodybuilders take) or workout at the luxury of your own home.

Savings from Miscellaneous Expenses of Going to the gym

Most people forget that having a gym membership has hidden costs. Upgrades to your monthly dues, yearly dues and other miscellaneous expenses can make your total gym cost inflate. Did you forget how much gas you spend to travel to and from gym? Or the cost of getting decent shoes and branded shirts and sweat pants. How about that bag and the new towel you had to buy? At home you can do without all of these and save your money towards something you can invest on.