Watkins Products – America’s Number One Home-Based Business Opportunity

If you’ve ever considered starting a home-based business, you’ve no doubt wanted to start it part-time, because few people can afford to quit a full-time job and start a business from scratch with no customers and no income. You’ve probably asked yourself – “What home-based business opportunity offers a high probability of success, can be started on a shoe-string budget working part-time hours and ultimately yield me a full-time income stream?” More than likely, you’ve never found the answer to that question.

WorkatHomePro recently completed a study of 26 home-based business opportunities that are considered legitimate and proven. They concluded that one company stood head and tails over the rest as “America’s best home-based business opportunity” and based their conclusion on 15 different factors. That company is Watkins Incorporated of Wanona, Minnesota. Their study determined that Watkins, a 140-year old manufacturer of seasonings, extracts, flavorings, personal care, beauty, health, first aid, cleaning and miscellaneous home products offers a home-based business opportunity that is far and away superior to any work at home business opportunity they studied or have come across.

This in depth study of the 26 home-based business opportunities generally considered sound and legitimate analyzed 15 different factors their analysts considered essential. For example, they reviewed the length of time each company had been in business, the strength of their management teams, the quality and reputation of their products and services, their training systems and methods, their compensation plan for associates, dealers or distributors, etc.

Watkins was founded in 1868, and thus has been in business longer than any company I studied. The company is owned by Irwin Jacobs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mr. Jacobs is a world-renowned businessman and entrepreneur that understands people, the needs of consumers, the importance of quality and believes in taking care of all aspects of his business (i.e., manufacturing, marketing, sales, product quality, associate compensation, etc.).

Watkins has one of the most lucrative compensation models in the network marketing business. Starting in 1868 with one product, red liniment, the company now manufacturers 350 outstanding products for the home and consumer. The list of product categories is extensive, from personal care products to home cleaning products, vitamins and supplements, beauty products, cooking spices, flavorings and extracts, first aid products and more.

Testimonials from consumers that have used Watkins products for decades can be found on countless websites. If you meet a Watkins customer, you’ll usually find that they intend to be a Watkins user for life. Mr. J.R. Watkins, the company’s original founder, invented the trial-mark bottle (the use of product on a trial basis) and the first-ever money back guarantee. Now, 140 years later, the Watkins company still offers a money back guarantee on all its products, including its sales kit for new associates. No company in the network marketing business offers so many money back guarantees.

If you’re looking for a home-based business opportunity, one you can start part-time and build into a full-time business in 3 to 5 years, a home-based Watkins products business can be started on a budget that cost no more than dinner for two at a nice restaurant.. Thousands of Watkins associates have started their Watkins businesses as a part-time, spare income job, working no more than 10 hours per week or so. A significant number have used this same part-time formula to build six-figure incomes for themselves in 3 to 5 years. There are very few business opportunities available in America today that can take you from no income to six-figures in this time frame, working part-time.

Watkins impeccable reputation, along with its outstanding line of 350 different products that people can and do use every day in their homes make succeeding in Watkins easy and fun. Whether you’re a corporate executive, a school teacher or a stay-at-home mom, the Watkins business model has proven itself to be adaptable to people from all walks of life, regardless their level of experience or education.

Watkins stays in touch with the times, offering all associates an online website for taking orders and marketing Watkins online. No longer is the company “your parents Watkins” that sales products door-to-door. Instead, Watkins associates today use many successful business models and methods for selling Watkins, including e-commerce, GoodTastings party events, festival and trade show sales, mail order and catalog sales, fundraisers, etc. If you’re willing to commit yourself to working 7 to 10 hours per week in a home-based enterprise, you can build a full-time income with Watkins never working more than part-time hours.

Miscellaneous Items Can Wrack Up Big Bills for Technology, So Keep Your Equipment Well Maintained

When you work with a lot of technology and certain pieces of equipment, sometimes, people do not realize that printers and technology have so much maintenance that need constant checking up on and maintenance on a regular basis. There are issues like batteries, ink cartridges, ribbons, and toner cartridges as well. You need all of these little things so you can keep your printer and laptop computer up and running and more importantly, running smoothly.

To repair certain things with your computer or printer is sometimes very expensive. So, to avoid any of that happening, you should make sure to keep your ink updated, and your laptop battery in good health. These things can give a bigger bill later if not caught early enough.

When the time comes that you must buy a new laptop battery, it is important to keep track of how old the last battery was, to rule out a defect, and you need to know what type of battery your laptop uses. Most made these days run on a lithium-ion battery which is the best type of battery on the market. They are lighter than others, they are more efficient, and they last for many years. Most likely, the laptop computer that you now have at home is probably running on a lithium battery as we speak. Finding the correct battery for you is simple as long as you know the brand of computer that you have. Everything is simple after that.

Another thing that you will need for your printer but probably haven’t thought about are ribbons. That is if you use an impact printer. These are what help to get the ink on to the paper. They get packeaged in many different colors, but you must know if your printer uses them. Inkjet printers of course do not use impact ribbons. They come in either black or color, so upon knowing what you need, they are also easy to buy.

If you use a laser printer, you will need to buy laser toner cartridges for your printer. These are the plastic cartridges that are full of powered ink that gets charged with electricity and then transferred to the paper. If you must buy them, be warned, they are a little pricey, but they will last you a long time.

Buying miscellaneous items for maintenance with your computer or printer or other pieces of equipment is so important. These costs can hurt your business if you replace them when they get broken. Taking the initiative and buying them beforehand will save you a lot of money and a lot of headaches later one.

Miscellaneous Real Estate Costs

Many people end up making a great deal of money through strategic real estate investments. However, even experienced investors can forget or overlook many hidden costs. By learning about the different fees you may incur, you can increase your bottom line when buying property.

Fees –

There are a lot of miscellaneous fees involved in purchasing real estate; loan application fees are a prime example of this. Right from the start, you have to spend money in order to be considered for most Brisbane home loans. Although the fees might be minimal, they still must be taken into account as an expense that takes away from your bottom line. There will also be solicitor and conveyancing fees to take into consideration; both of these are generally inescapable parts of purchasing real estate, and will detract from your overall expected returns.

Inspections –

When readying a property for purchase, certain inspections must be undertaken. The most important thing to realise is that anything of value requires an investment and is rarely provided free of charge. Building inspections are critical when purchasing a new property and can uncover major problems that would cost you even more money down the line; council inspections are also part and parcel of the property buying experience. On top of these routine inspections, you really should make sure that there are no pest infestations at the property that you are considering; you can add paying for a pest inspection to the list of additional costs.

Insurance –

Paying for the property that you buy involves more than simply paying a monthly mortgage loan; as an experienced Brisbane financial services agent can tell you, insurance costs must be factored in and will be an ongoing additional expense. The home itself must be insured; most mortgage loans require this. Contents insurance is extra coverage that protects your possessions and is highly recommended.

Other Miscellaneous Costs –

Once the purchase is finalised, there are still a few more costs to be considered. Moving expenses absolutely must be included in the final cost of buying property; in some cases, they can be considerable. Utility connections are an essential component of preparing a home to live in. Accounting for these expenses early will not leave you in the lurch. By being aware of the extra costs of buying real estate, you can make a far more strategic – and informed – decision.

Home Ergonomics – Is Your Home Ergonomic?

Those of us who enjoy adjusting our workstation to optimize the benefits of Ergonomics have probably know everything there is to know about computer ergonomics. We live it, breathe it and preach it.

However, have we taken a good look at our home? Is our home ergonomic?

There are a few ‘danger’ zones in our home when we look closely.

Of course, it is not dangerous like crossing a rushing river, but why settle for second best? Over a long period of time an non-ergonomic home can lead you to developing aches and pains, bad posture habits in your children, affect your rest and sleep quality… so on and so forth. We can utilize the principles of ergonomics and apply them to our home too.

Get Rid of Clutter

Our home is a place of peace and rest, a safe haven from the world of school and work. If our home is untidy, dirty and full of clutter, we will not rest as well. This is difficult to quantify. For example, I cannot tell you how many things you must put away to ensure that feeling of peace. However, I’ll invite and encourage you to test the theory. Studies have shown that your sleep is affected if you have a busy bedside table. If you clear away most things or keep them hidden in the drawers and only leave a clock, your reading glasses and maybe a book on your bedside table, the quality of your sleep increases.

So if you want to apply ergonomics in your home, get rid of cluttered spaces. Confront your bedroom first, because that’s where you sleep. Then your dining table and then your living area where you rest and watch your children play. Of course, if you can declutter your entire home – that’s the best.

Is your pillow and mattress good for your neck and back?

Sleep posture and quality of sleep is also affected by the quality of your mattress and your pillow. Is your pillow giving you support? Is it ergonomic? There are some ergonomic pillows that have a memory foam which settles your head and neck in the optimal position. If you especially have a bad back, ensure that you get orthopaedic mattress.


Check your sofa. Some sofas are too soft and they cause you to sink in. Your approaching to buying a sofa has to be similar to buying an ergonomic chair. While you don’t need that caster wheels or all that structure, a sofa has to be comfortable yet not strain your back. This is especially so if the sofa is exceptionally low, making it a strain to get out from.

Dining Tables

Most dining tables are not ergonomic because they are standard height. All of us at the family dinner table are not of standard height so we are actually dining in a non-ergonomic position. However our body is adaptable so if it is just for an hour or two, dining tables are fine. However, if your child or yourself works on your dining table – whether it is school work, or personal projects, be careful that you or they do not work on it for too long. If that is the only table in the house for work, please consider getting an ergonomic desk. Of course, this depends on the frequency of work that you do as well.

Other Miscellaneous home devices

If you do gardening or snow shoveling, always look for ergonomic tools. Not only they can save you energy and effort, they are safer as well.