Working Out At Home – Better Than The Gym

Many a fitness freak will have often dreamed about having a home gym. There is something about being alone at home that makes working a lot less of a hassle and more of a useful event. If you have often wondered if it is really worth investing in a home gym then let this article remind you why it is a great idea.

No Lines

One of the hardest things to come into terms with at any fitness club or serious gym is the equipment lines. Strength trainers will often find the bench stations literally having a queue particularly with the newbie trainers. Squat racks, often used for exercises it was not designed for, will be quite irritating to the serious fitness enthusiast.

No Membership Dues

Those queues will remind you, in a negative way, about your membership dues. Gym is not getting cheap with some mainstream gym memberships starting at around $40 per month. Yearly dues are becoming more and more common nowadays. Paying upfront is really a big investment for some people and could wreck their credit planning. This is even before the associated purchases you need to fit in the gym you are on.

Work out With Clothes You Find Comfortable

Which brings us to the clothes you wear: The most comfortable workout clothes are not usually the clothes you’d like to be seen in public with. Used shirts decades old and pants or shorts that have taken the shape of your body will often have holes and will look hideous. But like it or not, they are the ones most comfortable to sweat on. Light, cool and needing no care, these fabrics are the ideal stuff to wear during exercising. Unfortunately, people will look at you weird for wearing these things to your local carpeted, brightly lit commercial gym.

Music You Actually Like

Successful body transformations are done by people who are hardcore. People who can pour out all their might during those few moments that man and iron come together. Instrumental to setting this mood is music. And nobody went from 90 pound weakling to 200 pound strong guy listening to Justin Bieber that is for sure. Although this can be circumvented by wearing an iPod, it still does not work you up as much as your loud music at home.

No Germs

Public gyms are probably one of the most microbe-full places you can go to. Sweat, skin shavings, saliva and other nasty things for sure stick to the surfaces of the machines. Multiply these by a hundred or even tens of thousands of instances during your stint at the gym, then you will realize how at risk you are there. At home wiping your gear with a clean cloth sprayed with a dash of Lysol is all you really need to ensure a germ free workout session.

More Concentration

Only a few people have the concentration level of an advanced bodybuilder. Thousands of articles have been written on encouraging focus on public gyms. However, it can be a futile attempt, to drown out our senses and focus inside. The most practical way is to either workout during the weirdest hours at a public gym (often the route pro-bodybuilders take) or workout at the luxury of your own home.

Savings from Miscellaneous Expenses of Going to the gym

Most people forget that having a gym membership has hidden costs. Upgrades to your monthly dues, yearly dues and other miscellaneous expenses can make your total gym cost inflate. Did you forget how much gas you spend to travel to and from gym? Or the cost of getting decent shoes and branded shirts and sweat pants. How about that bag and the new towel you had to buy? At home you can do without all of these and save your money towards something you can invest on.

Work at Home Assembly – Choosing the Right Kind of Work at Home Assembly Job

Work at home assembly workers have gotten for themselves a nice and easy kind of work. Because there are so many products a worker can choose to work on, it would then be easy for anybody to ascertain her or his likes for a certain kind of work she or he will choose. Actually, there are four major categories of products a worker may be able to choose from.

These work at home assembly categories are electronics assembly, jewelry assembly, toys assembly and the fourth one, other crafts assembly. In the other crafts assembly, what are included here will be wood craft assembly, shell craft assembly and miscellaneous craft assembly. Wood craft assembly would include products that are made of wood such as wooden picture frames, wooden home and office display accessories and other home products made from wood.

On the other hand, shell craft products assembly will include home products like picture frames made from sea shell, sea shell lamp shade, ornamental arts utilizing sea shells, corner hanging lamps made from sea shells, and even ash trays made entirely of sea shell. Actually, when it comes to shell craft products, there are just so many designs that shell craft products have in terms of hanging lamps. There are shell craft hanging lamps for patios, gardens and corner hanging lamps for home interiors.

Miscellaneous craft assembly meanwhile would refer to combination of several materials in making a craft and in its assembly. These materials are plastic, wires, papers, cloth, and other kinds. Products that are usually made from these materials are home display accessory such as artificial flowers, artificial plants and many other accessory products to beautify the home.

From this simple list, you can already see that there are just so many products that work at home assembly workers can choose from. Actually, if I have to go on, I can occupy several pages just to complete the list of products that comprise the total number of products. But just to give you a guide on what is the best way in choosing the right product for you to work on as a work at home assembly worker, is for you to look at all the list in the product and company directory and look for the product that interests you most in working.

If you are a woman and you like to sew, then you should go for stuffed toys assembly under toys product category. Stuffed toys will involve sewing work. Now if you are a woman and love jewelry, then surely you have to choose jewelry assembly. If you are a guy who goes for electronic products, then electronic assembly is the most suited assembly work for you. Each one of us has our own individual interest so, in order to be happy and comfortable with the kind of work you will do as a work at home assembly worker, you have to choose the product that interests you most.

Beware of Miscellaneous Charges on Your Phone Bill

 Take a really good look at your landline phone bill (those of you that still have landline phones). Are there any miscellaneous charges on your bill?  These charges may be for some sort of email or voicemail service.  But, you don’t ever remember authorizing any such services.  What’s more, these services are not being provided by your telephone provider.  Many times the services are categorized as Enhanced Services. 

Don’t be fooled, some sketchy companies have been finding ways to deceptively get you to “authorize” their services through other transactions you conduct on the web. This has happened to me in the last few months. Sometimes your telephone company is not to blame.  In fact, some of my clients, the local telephone company in a number of cities, feel just as burned as you do.  These sketchy companies send an invoice to your telephone company with charges outstanding for services rendered to the telco’s customers, including you.  Then your telephone company has to pay the charge and passes through the charge to you.  Remember, your telephone company doesn’t know that you didn’t authorize the charge. 

Bottom line is these companies deceitfully get you to authorize their services, they charge your telephone company, your telephone company charges you.  Meanwhile, the sketchy company gets paid while pissing you off.  When you get pissed off, you tend to get mad at your telephone company, which hurts their business. 

Be extra diligent and read the fine print to any transaction you are conducting online, such as purchasing merchandise or subscribing to services.  Often, these companies put their sketchy terms of service inconspicuously in the descriptions.  If you have provided your home telephone number during the transaction, it is what they use to put the charges onto your bill. 

If you have been charged any unauthorized charges, look for a phone number in the Miscellaneous Charges portion of your bill.  Sometimes an enhanced billing agent will bill you for these services.  One notable company is Enhanced Services Billing, Inc.  If all else fails, call your local service provider to obtain numbers to the carriers providing the unauthorized services.    

Once you obtain the phone numbers, call them to request a credit or refund for the charges that were billed.  They may resist by telling you that they have evidence of you authorizing the service.  Just let them know that you did not knowingly authorize the service.  If you haven’t used the service, let them know this and tell them it is not fair of them to charge you for services that (1) you did not know you had; (2) you have not used; and (3) were obtained by their company through deceptive practices.  Also let them know that you will go to the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau with a complaint.  This very same thing happened to me recently, and once I went through these steps, these companies were obliged to credit the monies that I had already paid. 

Block Billing for Enhanced Services with Your Local Telephone Provider

Once you have spoken with the companies, call your local telephone company and request that enhanced services billing be blocked from your account.  That way, enhanced services providers will not be able to assess charges against you via your telephone bill. 

How To Get Your Home To Work ‘For You’ Rather Than ‘Against You’

I often see overly general and sometimes grandiose statements about how to better organise yourself, which may sound good, but I find are not as easy to put into practice. That’s why I try to break down the steps into manageable tasks for you to easily follow.

Now I would like to share with you something that was very helpful to me a while back that I think will help you too.

I once read that to get a head start to your day it is a really good idea to make sure you consistently do the following three things. I know they may sound a bit straight forward and obvious but hear them out because believe me, when I put these tips into place and made them part of my morning routine it made a huge difference to how I felt and how productive I was for the rest of the day.

1. The first tip is to always make sure that your kitchen sink is clean and shiny with benches wiped.

2. The second tip is to make your bed every morning no matter what.

3. The third tip is to make sure you get dressed properly from your hair & makeup to your shoes (no slippers!)

Now most of you I’m sure already do these things but I’m also betting that many of you do them in bits and pieces, which is where the problem lies and is definitely not the most time efficient way to do it.

Don’t underestimate the wasted time, (not to mention energy) by allowing yourself to be distracted by something and not finishing a task then and there. There are times of course that some interruptions can not be prevented – but the trick is even if you are distracted and end up having to move to another area of the house, that you go back as soon as you can to complete the task before starting another.

Otherwise you will commonly find that the dishwasher is half stacked and the benches aren’t wiped, and that the bathroom is half tidy but with a couple of towels still on the floor and pj’s not put away, and the bed is made but the bedroom curtains not open, and then there’s you – if you don’t have to get to work outside the home – you may have done half your face and hair and possibly even ended up just popping on a pair of track suit pants.

It doesn’t have to be this way (unless you have an excuse like having a new born baby to take care of!!)

The tip I found most useful and that admittedly took me the longest to implement, not realising the effect it could have, was No 1. -Having a shiny kitchen sink and benches. Doing this consistently really helped me change my attitude to those mundane but necessary household chores and view them slightly differently, and not always use the excuse I’ll do it later. Instead I would think ‘why not now?’, and usually with no good reply would just quickly do it and get it out of the way!!?? Now when I see that clean area it helps motivate me to quickly clear up other ‘hot spots’ as well.

One of the best offshoots to this new habit has been that my husband now makes much more of an effort to keep the bench and kitchen tidy and we are happier all round. (Don’t expect miracles overnight in this area. Give it a little time and some encouraging words to your other half and the kids too and you may be surprised by the results- more on how to get the family on board in an upcoming issue)

By doing the above on a daily basis (or close enough to) you will also become much more aware of other items that are ‘out of place’. You will then be more likely to make the effort to quickly pop things in their proper place. This of course can be a problem if you do not have a home for all the countless objects that co-habit your home!!

If you don’t have a place for everything and your piles are growing uncontrollably because you cannot decide where to put everything, all you need to do is evaluate your piles and when you find something that does not have a logical and/or permanent home find it one.
Just address one pile/drawer at a time. One item at a time. Then for your sanity get into the habit of putting them back there when we have finished with them!!

1. Acknowledge that if you are saying to yourself “but I don’t have the space..” then it’s definitely time to get rid of some of your junk!

2. Prepare yourself before you get stuck into it by collecting/buying all sort of boxes/containers that will be the new homes for all your odds’n’ends. This looks so much tidier than items placed in drawers and cupboards loosely, only to stress you out whenever you see them. It’s amazing what a difference putting your things in separate/related containers can make.

3. Accept that there will have to be miscellaneous grouping of items, just as long as you do not ‘cop out’ by shoving everything in a miscellaneous container!!

4. Look at the item and think about where you use it most often. Then simply put it there. Instead of shoving an item in a drawer because you do not have a proper home for it, make a conscious decision to allocate a home for it right then and there (because ‘later’ often never comes). Then go and get the appropriate container and pop the item in.

5. Find a home for the container that makes sense. For example if it is a hair product/hair clip then it would make sense to put it in a container in the bathroom cupboard. Other examples for those odds’n’ends that can you can make separate homes for be it in your wardrobe/kitchen drawer etc are: your jewellery – (separating big items from smaller items i.e.- rings separate from bracelets and earring etc); pre-bought birthday cards and wrapping paper; nail polishes; odd keys; nails, allan keys screw drivers; loose change etc – get the gist?!

6. Over time the containers you have chosen may overflow with way too many related (and unrelated) items that need to be sorted through again and possibly a bigger home may need to be found. It is still better (depending on the size of the objects in mention) to start with smaller containers to begin with and make sure you limit that box to a set group of objects.

7. By going through this process you will actually make yourself assess whether you need much of the ‘stuff’ you come across. This is a good thing as it will help you purge items that you really do not need & even if you did need it- you would probably forget that you have it because it is hidden away lying in the bottom of a drawer! Think of it this way – then you can make way for the new items you are likely to accumulate during the year!

The best bit is that once you have done this then when you need to use various items you will know where to PUT THEM AWAY WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED WITH THEM (& actually be more likely to put it there) – a great feeling believe me! You will find that after a while your house will start looking tidy the majority of the time. What’s just as good is that doing this can make life so much easier and you will feel much happier when all these items have a proper home.